My fiancé now my husband once tried to break up with me after all the love and care we have shared. This was how I eventually convinced and retained him.

A relationship should be considered as an investment that should lead to marriage and a happy home.
This is how I convinced and retain my fiancé when he tried to break up with me. My story should also help you.

I met my man on a good ground. He was an answer to my prayers after all my long awaiting to find a good man. Indeed, he is good and ready even materially.

I can’t forget the day he proposed to me, but things started falling apart a few months away from them. We have spent four good years in our relationship, we understood ourselves.

He sent me a message that he is calling it over, when I met him in person he was actually serious. I couldn’t do anything at that moment, but I have to give it good thoughts.

I wanted to know what my fault was but all he could say was that, it was not actually my fault, but he is actually looking for a better model.

Our parents were not actually happy over his decision, but he was actually doing this because he got a promotion in his career that makes him thinks I am no longer worth for him.

How I convinced the lady

I got to know the lady that is taking him away from me. I meet her personal in peace. In humility, I told her that she is actually dating my fiancé who had already proposed to me.

I only meet her peacefully with a plead and tears of my weakness. ” Please madam, I understood he came to you but he was once my own, the only man I have been praying for. He had proposed to me, but he is dumping me because of you. I am pleading with you as a good woman to look into this matter if what he is doing to me because of you is fair, after all I have been faithful to him and have scared away other men away because of him. Now he is dumping me to go about again”.

I pleaded with this lady on my knees, and she was touched. She promised me that she would do anything to break the relationship because of the way I came adding that she didn’t really trust my fiancé so that well. I thanked her once again with in my humility.

He finally came back

I met with my fiancé, three days later. The lady had already called it over with him adding that she can’t be working against another innocent lady.

I met with my fiancé, with a beautiful flower weeping and begging him on my knees. “Why do you want to leave me just like that, I have remained faithful to you and have scared other men away from me because of you, are you going to dump me because of another model? I am absolutely in heart broken, you broke my heart, and you will fix it for me. I am not willing to leave you for any reason, you should look at me the same way”.

He could not hold it in any longer, he joined me weeping, and we came back.


He loves me even more than ever. We finally got married two months from then, we are currently blessed with triplets.(two boys and one girl).
Dear reader, are you passing through this? Your case could be different, but you can settle it within your own humility and seriousness to go back into the relationship if your felt it is safe for you.

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