Many guys had to frankly migrates to Canada to hope to find a better life. Some of them were able to succeed because they have encountered with a nice Canadian Bose. Below are three successful stories linking to help from Canada.

I got a business capital after being accused

Susan Philip had worked as a hotel cleaner to cater for her three children before her encounter with a Canadian Bose.

During my days when I worked as a hotel cleaner. I met a customer from Canada, I was attempting to his room as part of my job.
Unfortunately he accused me of stealing his documents which contains his money.

He actually created a scene that brought many of our staffs and customers. I was extremely disgraced, and I was crying, but they all believed him. After all, I couldn’t produce his documents I was sacked that evening.

I have two responsibilities to take care of. My husband had left me and his kids for another woman, this made life miserable for us, that is why I am working as a cleaner to take care of them and myself. Now they have sacked me.

After my resignation, the manager sent police to arrest me, I was detained and tortured, but I never admit to the crime I have never committed.

Meanwhile, my children and I were hungry following my arrest for the complete five days. On the 5th day, the hotel manager together with the customer from Canada had stormed the police for my release. I was released and sent home having giving some relieved materials.

The following day the customer who had accused me of stealing his documents visited me with the hotel manager to cover-up the story. I couldn’t believe my ears, they had told me that what had happened was a mistake. The customer find his missing documents under his bag. I started to weep.

He gave me N5 million Compensation which I refused, but he insisted should start my new life with it. This had given me a good opportunity in a business deal.

My relocation to Canada

According to Joseph an age man had helped his relocation to Canada follow his offer to help him carry his load at the airport.

I work as a contractor having undergone several international training to expose my skills to international styles of construction. Countries I have visited for training include: Quota, Canada, Dubai and China.

My second flight to Canada was to work on my full relocation but was a single process which I couldn’t complete. Upon our arrival in Nigeria, I met an age man who had boarded the same flight. I helped him to carry his load.

It was during this process that he had me questions about my career. I told him I was a contractor trying to relocate to Canada to find a better life. He told me he was actually a permanent resident of Canada and his current flight to Nigeria is for a visit. He gave me his number and offer to return to Canada with me to complete my relocation procedure.

Sea port Toronto Canada
Sea port Toronto Canada

I am now a citizen of Canada along with my family, I have my job and am I doing well here.

Am now a medical student of Toronto University Canada

Adeayo was working as an airport environmental cleaner. He offered his phone to a Nigerian-Canadian citizen who was troubleshooting to make an urgent call. His little help had turned him into a medical student in Toronto University Canada.

I finished my Senior school certificate examination, I have a good score, but I couldn’t further my education because of money. My father had told me to look for a job to manage for now. Then I was working at the airport as an environmental cleaner for about three years before a help comes from Canada.

I met a man who had just returned from Canada. He was troubleshooting to make an important call. Moving closer to him, I ordered him my phone network to make his calls.

Never mind how much of my airtime deducted, after his calls, he had me questioned. “What are you really doing here?” I told him am a cleaner, he further asked me if I had gone to school.

After my problem to further my education was made known to him, he collected my number and promised to help. I was surprised when I found out that the same man was my father’s old friend before his relocation to Canada.

I knew this after he pays my father a visit. He further discussed my education issue with my father adding he would like me to join him in Canada. This was the best offer I could never have refused.

I am now a student of University of Toronto studying medicine. Had it been I was not working at the airport as a cleaner I couldn’t have met this man. What could have happened if I had not offered him my phone when he was troubleshooting making calls I couldn’t have to be where I am today.


You can receive help from those you had offered to help. Whoever that would be good before you should be good, pray for the good of that person even thought you had not yet located them. It wouldn’t be over emphasize to say that the score of successful men/women was as a result of help.

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