This happened when a man’s wife left him to be with another man because her husband was broke. Her ex-husband return after five years to reclaim his wife: She Was Once Mine Before She Became Yours

How it all started

I was married to my wife for seven years before it became unfortunate for me. Someone more successful than I, was looking upon my wife despite being married.

Knowledgeable to me, she was dating my only wife on the chart, urging her to call it over with me to join his luxurious life but my wife initially refused. The man then turn against me to run my family. He works against my career by convince my manager to terminate my appointment.

I was sacked at once. All my efforts to secure another job had failed, then things began to fall apart, I could no longer pay our two children school fee, feeding became serious a problem. I began to look for help from those I have helped aim to feed.

My wife dumped me

My wife couldn’t no longer tolerate my financial embarrassment. It was at this point the man who had been working against me finally convinced my wife to dump me for him.

My wife finally packed out of my house without my notice to an unknown destination leaving me and my two kids behind to make the story worsened. I was so frustrated about my children, I decided to send them to a motherless home, but they were rejected.

Meanwhile, my sister from a far distance had come to pick my children to be with her. I will remain forever grateful to her. She put them back to a good school and took care of their expenses. I remain in these situations for a complete five years, while my wife was with her new husband enjoying great prosperity without giving us a thought.

I recovered my job

Five years later the head of the company where I was sacked called me, but I didn’t ‘t go. He sent some staff members to assure me it was a call of peace, I finally went.

He made me joining a commute of the company to expose the manager who had worked hard to make sure I was sacked. Furthermore, he added that the manager was arrested after confessing to have taking a bribe just to work for my resignation.

The company gave me a complete five years salary along with a car and a good apartment as compensation. I am now the new manager in his place. I was very happy, but I was not comfortable being alone, I need my wife back so also her children, but I don ‘t know where she was.

That same year, her new husband who had caused my problem got into serious trouble in a court case. He was sentenced to 25-years in jail with the bail condition. This made him sell off all he had to pay his bail, at once his situation became worsened.

I find my wife again

My wife was actually suffering in his net, and her trouble increase following his trials. I was informed about what was going on over there and her location. I took my sister, and our growing ups children with me to go to where she was. Upon our arrival she was so ashamed to come over.

I told her she should pack her things and follow me back home. She was doing this but her lover confronted us demanding where we are taking his wife to? But I told him “She Was Once Mine Before She Became Yours I have come back to take who belongs to me.

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