An entrepreneur simply identify as Gloria Samson has reviewed her beauty salon business fetch her up to N10 per month because she has special and expensive skills to suit for higher profile people.

How it all began

I finished my secondary school in 2002, I waited for two more years to learn some skills before I start to school. I decided to lean to hairstyle in one of my Aunt’s hair salon, I was very good on this field. It won’t be overemphasized to say that many customers chooses to patronize my Aunt’s shop because of my professional hairstyle.

I got my admission into The university of Lagos to study theater art. I use this opportunity to display my hair stylist, within the campus. Furthermore, I was very good due to costumers feedback, but these activities could affect your studies if you are not sure you can handle two things together.

You may find less time to read your books because of too many clients and time taking to attend to them.

Profitable income for my business capital

I was able to raise money to pay my school fee includes other expenses. I charge N1,500 to 4,000 due to the styles this is because they are students. However, I could make up to N50 within a single week.

Before my final year exams, I prepared my business to found a paper for people to support my proposed business, I took the papers to several students and officers to sign with any amount.

This is a task as well, I got help from favorite people. I put everything together along with my own earning to purchase some hair dressing machines. I also do this business during my NYSC program, people especially higher profile ladies called me to their house for hairstyles.

I make a lot of money from doing this compare to that when I was in the campus. I finally set up my first shop in Lagos, that got people and clients talking. Furthermore, I work very hard to finish for each client on time.

My business awareness

When you have a nice skill on this field you makes your self know. Your clients would be questioned about their stylist, and they would benefit leading more clients to your shop. At first, I was doing promo before I migrated to premium standard.

Best hair stylist
Sample hair style

I became popular following my award-winning. The program was designed to standardize the best hair stylist in the area. Many of the participants went ahead to bribe in hope to win, but I took my stand to be a genuine hair stylist. I won while they lost their money.

I also promoted my award-winning as my logo on Facebook and Instagram with thousands of likes. This was another aspect that drew more clients to my shop at glance with moderate cost.

Departmental beauty salon
Departmental beauty salon

I established a departmental beauty salon larger and more equipped with professional and trained hair stylist for both men and women, barbing salon, make up arts and finger nail design. It was indeed a profitable business with clients from higher profile. My service fee ranging from N10,000 to N50,000. With this I could get up to N70,000 per month. This is good enough for me to purchase a very beautiful apartment for myself at Victoria highland Lagos.

You can follow my step if you have this great skills on this field with your business proposal.

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