Reason Why Said “No I Don’t” On my wedding Day

They were a controversial wedding that ended up with the bride refused to say, “yes I do” instead she said,, “No I don’t,”.

Victoria was greatly criticized for dumping her unwanted wedding even to the risk of saying, “No” when she was about to be joined to a wealthy man who had spent so much on her family.

Her Story

I feel in love with my true man during our days in University. We shared our love for each other, after our graduation we continue our relationship, but the day he visited my parents, he was questioned about his job.

Unfortunately he couldn’t secure a good job on time that was had caused a third party between us. My man got a scholarship to study a master degree in the UK, after he saw the advert on Google Ads.

It was a great joy for me, but we are going to be far from each other for a complete two years. Unfortunately my family were pressuring me to get married to a very rich man who own seven collection of Lamborghini including two Urus SUV, five collection of Rolls Roy’s and other exotic cars.

He has a mansion worth $6.7million. The guy was extremely rich! And this had convinced my parents for me to marry him. He gifted my parents a very good and furnished house all for me to marry him, he splashes me with money enough to humble me.

I only use the money to help my boyfriend schooling in the UK for his extra expenses. My mother was not in support of this but my father was mad at the gift and forced me to accept his proposal which I did, but not with my heart.

He took me out and spent money on me, he gave me several gifts including expensive iPhone and luxury dress. Two and a half years later my boyfriend had finished his master course, he had returned from the UK and was working in a company.

I have him all the money this wealthy guy gave me to furnish his life ready for me. I had promised him I will never be saying “I do” to anyone else.

The rich guy had arranged for our wedding, it was very luxury. On the wedding day we were set for wedding vows. The pastor had questioned him first if he would take me as his loving wedded wife, he said, “yes I do”. The pastor now turn to me, but I said,, “NO I DON’T” he asked me three times I kept on saying no.

My boyfriend interrupted the disagreement to confirm my refusal. There was serious disagreement between our parents, my father walk up to me to slap me for disgracing him adding that he and my mother including my siblings will certainly go back to grass or poverty if I don’ say yes.

The argument continue until police stormed the church and confirm the groom was on their wanted list. He was arrested over undisclosed offense but best was known to him and the police who arrested him. Immediately I grabbed my boyfriend with a cry of joy. We couldn’t wed that day because he has not performed his traditional right.

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