The decision and aim of National Identity Number (NIN) verification with phone numbers in Nigeria should be another step of restructuring our communication sector based on security reasons. We are going to discuss the side effects on mobile telecommunication.

I never thought I would be needing a National Identify Card, I was just making use of my voters card as my ID which was not near me for a welcome back after my phone was stolen.

In The UK this system is active. Each phone number is also verified with their own identification system. I think Nigeria was right for taking after this system. This is also similar to CBN introduction of Bank Verification Number BVN to verify multiple bank users with a single identity.

This security system will also aid the intelligence security agents to identify a certain caller when it comes to misuses of communication for criminal activities such as kidnapping and demanding for money.

After the verification of this system, Nigerians should be careful because each calls made from your phone refers to your identity. For this reason you should ensure your mobile phone call is only for your own personality.

Reason why mobile telecommunication may lose

I am very sure the mobile telecommunication companies in Nigeria wouldn’t really enjoy this policy because initially it was not part of the requirements for an individual to use their Network.

Sim card registration was the mean of identification in Mobile network initially but unfortunately some merchant sold already registered sim cards to subscribers using an unknown identity which should not be accepted initially.

Living in this regret, those Sim cards may not be verified with the subscriber’s NIN because it doesn’t tally with their NIN ownership Identity.

In this way the mobile telecommunication network in Nigeria may lose thousands of active subscribers to NIN verification process.

Recall that many Nigerians don’t register for national ID but these categories are active users of mobile network. To get national ID at this moment is frustrating because of the crowd struggling to get registered.

Way forward

NIN verification process should continue for the next four to six months, to ensure all valid sim cards are verified before moving ahead to block them. This is for the sake of those who have not yet registered for National Identity Card.

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