Mr Moses Jonathan received the biggest shock of his life during his international trip along with his wife who had buried the family secret about the true paternity of their children until the pilot broke a bad news of the faulty plane which was about to crash.

With fear of going to hell Mrs Monday reviewed the shocking story in confession to her husband that: among his three children only, only Precious is his biological children. She claimed the two belong to his best friend who had been in secret relationship with him over the decade.

Fortunately the same pilot broked his second news about the successfully fixed problem which the plane had previously developed adding that they will land successful within one hour.

Meanwhile DNA test had shows; among his three children non of them was his.

“I saw the dark clouds on my nice day, I never believe I will witness such ugly experience in my life. The children that called me Dad since they were born, I provided for all their needs but I never knew I was not their father. How should I start a new family in my old age?”. These were his statement.

There was a sharp disagreement and unsettle that made Mr Monday filed a divorce. Seen the children he had Carter for over the decade had become unrest for him to behold. This scandal had also affected Precious who was set for her traditional wedding but the home had scared. The usual caring father no longer have good intimacy with his children, on the other hand the children could not grab the confirmed biological father. A moment of Confusion.

Keeping family secret in the dark over the paternity issue had becomes know as DNA test advance, digging into the hidden to review the real or biological father of their children.

Due to the ongoing report which shows that Nigeria takes the second rank of paternity fraud in the world after Jamaica.

The call for mandatory DNA test at birth in Nigeria will sure reduce the rate of paternity fraud rates. Many Nigerian men had unknowingly raised children that are not theirs because the mother had hidden the paternity of the child receiving the husband to raise the child.

Many children are suffering psychologically after they had found out the real truth about their paternity.

The men had to acknowledge to be the father of the child due to the fact that they were born within the wedlock but the woman is in the best position to identify the real father of the child in some cases when a woman had met many men before she became pregnant whom will she point hand at?

Swapping Babies during birth

On the ground of DNA test, many men had caused their wives of being unfaithful which they had no right to declines the accusations because DNA results had failed to match with them.

Question arising that: what about the case of nurse swapping babies during birth in the hospital like a case of a Zambian nurse who had confessed to have swapped over 5,000 babies at birth, who will unveil the truth about what they had accused them of being unfaithful?.

According to the data analysis so far in Nigeria, 10 of the men failed a DNA test to claim their children while the majority of first-born are affected.

“I have wasted my life on Earth with a woman I claimed to have trusted over two decades, but I never knew she brought another man’s children for me to take care of.”

These were the broken words of Mrs Joseph who had earlier failed the DNA test to confirm that he is not the biological father to their five children.

The atmosphere of once a happy home had turned out to be the dark clouds of confusion. Mr Joseph had earlier arrange his relocation to Canada along with his family which also require a paternity confirmation of his children.

The family secret was dug back to 2013 when the couple were in search for children. Being under pressure by in-laws to give their son a child, Mrs Josep6 had a relationship with their driver. She got pregnant and have babies which was not for her husband, the joy of answered prayers had created a happy home on the ground of paternity fraud until the secret was unveiled during the DNA test.

Unable to face the challenge Mrs flees home to an unknown destination leaving the children who were also living in confusion behind with her husband in an atmosphere of unhappiness.

Late Mr Okafor was not spared. He was also under the atmosphere of unhappiness for two reasons; he lost his wife at the age of 72 having no chance to start afresh after a DNA test showed that none of his children are his.

The visit of a stranger

Mr Okafor was still in pain of heart broken following his wife’s death when he received a strange visit of a man accompanied of his two friends with the mission to unveil the family secret which was buried along.

The stranger had claimed to be the biological father of Mr Okafor’s six Children which his wife who is now deceased had left behind. He challenged Mr Okafor for a DNA test which outcome Okafor being fathering children that are not his.

Acknowledging the true paternity of his children, Mr Okafor became unconscious and due to the fact that he was old he joined his wife going down to the world of the death unhappy and unfulfilled regretting for ever living.

moreover the children are currently living in confusion finding it difficult to embrace the stranger who had never acted as father to them neither did he pays to care about them.

“Despite the DNA confirmation, that doesn’t mean that we are renouncing Mr Okafor being our biological father of not, we are not accepting the strainger, we were never brought up under his watch, he just came as a criminal to run the family that was built of these years. These were the words of his Children.

Another case of paternity fraud

Mariam was forced to fleas her home ending the 17-years old marriage after boyfriend uncover the secret she had buried for the past 10-years.

Mariam was married to one businessman Salifu, who because of his business to cater for his wife had taken him up and down into a usual long distance travel.

In her husband absent she had invited her boyfriend to spend time with him. These activities produced her first pregnancy with the outcome their firstborn who happens to be male was considered the hair of the family.

The truth came out when Mariam threatening to break up or discontinue the affair. Her boyfriend who couldn’t accept this offer had vowed to reclaim the son born to him in another home fathered by another man.

The atmosphere of once a happy home had turned into a dark clouds of confusion after the boyfriend had visited Salifu to claim his first child, challenging him for DNA which outcome in favor of the stranger.

Mariam had confessed to her husband right there in the lab that it all happened due to loneliness arising from his constant away due to his usual long distance travel for his business.

Questions arising

Over this decade or a period of time, there was a paternity fraud within a particular family. The father had kept quiet over the DNA test while the mother had buried the secret of true paternity of their children. If the secret was exhumed through DNA test and the paternity of the children is to know, who should take further responsibility or custody of the children?

A barista simply identify as QUEEN VIVIAN argue that; despite the DNA confirmation that the baby is not yours that doesn’t change the fact that you should deny a responsibility as a father adding that on the other hand when a married man got a child outside his marriage the woman will be made to endure it.

Reacting to her statement, which caught lots of criticism by reacting Nigerians, some had earlier says her statement may encourage more of paternity fraud denying to Carter for another man’s children if the DNA show they are not the father. But what about the love and affection you have shared with them as a father so far?

A meaningful Nigerian simple identify as Job Samuel had also suggested the children should be giving to the man as compensation for paternity fraud. His statement had Tali with Barista Vivian suggestions, in this way breaking down a home which was set up over the decade may be avoided.

“Don’t worry about the DNA results Doctor, my children are very tired now, and they need to relax”. These are the word of Mr Amos Sunday who refused to renounce his kids after the DNA confirmation that his triplets (two boys and a girl) are not his.

It all happened in 2012, the couple had not gotten a child after seven years into married. Mrs Amos under the pressure and ill-treatments from her mother-in-law decided to look for an alternative way to give her husband a child to clear up their shame.

The truth about the paternity of the children came after one of the triplets was sick, the DNA test was conducted even thought Mr Amos doesn’t request for it.

“Honey I knew what you have done, I am so proud about for taking the shame of our family. I didn’t care to know the biological father of these kids they are our children and I promise to protect them as a father, we hope to have our own children in the future.” Mrs Amos broke down in tears after her husband spoke kindly to her.

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