The United Universities Is one of the best option for African students to further for their master degree. This is my experience as an African master student at The UK.

The cost of going to the UK to further your education could be expensive due to individual affordability, but for me, I went there by scholarship which minimizes cost for me however they were extra expenses.

I arrived UK in 2016, I didn’t know where to. UK’s law wouldn’t let you going out stranded, there is a risk of getting deported. I have only a few pounds left with me, which couldn’t afford a rent. I was wandering at the airport when I met a black woman who had me questions. Furthermore, I explained to her that I am from Nigeria and I just arrived without knowing anybody here.

At once, she gave me a lift, she took me to her house I was very happy with her help for me, I got a job as a hotel cleaner. This fetched me some money. The woman rented an apartment for me with her money. I was able to pay my next rent with my little job, and along with my scholarship allowance I was able to feed.

My academic Performance in the UK Campus

Most African students had showed to be the best. During my time the top ten students were actually African. Fortunately for me, I was one of the top ten graduate with first class awarding.

I never have any academic challenge throughout it was a great achievement for me. I found my exams in The UK as a straightforward enough for me to pass all my papers without a trace of carry-over, but I never had this experience in Nigeria. This is because they delivered outstanding and good quality lectures. In this case you are expected to back up as an outstanding and hard-working student.


I never had any ugly experience among the indigent, I am an amicable person, and I remain friendly and in turned they had treated me well.

Based on my academic standard I have many friends who come to get a solution to their academic problem because of this, I was highly respected. Some of my female friends offer to visit me in my lodge which was closed to the school, I received them friendly.

My caring friend Rose

Among them was Rose whose father is a multimillionaire, she offered to be my best friend, and I accepted. Rose gave me money enough for me to drop my cleaning job. She paid my next house rent for the second year, she also took me to her house to meet her family, she was very kind.

After my master program was over, my scholarship expired too. Rose cried because I would be leaving her. She told me about her second thought. That she is applying for PhD in the same school and would like to take me along, I shouldn’t worry about the fee, she had talked with her father on my behalf. I waited for another three years in The UK for my PhD sharing the love of friendship with Rose, she and her father just adopted me.

My past/present relationships

During these three years, my fiancée in Nigeria became impatience, he called it over and wedded another lady, but the love Rose had showed me so far prevented my heart broken. A UK guy proposed to me amidst after my PhD. He followed me to Nigeria along with my best friend Rose for our introduction. We got married the following year..

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