When it comes to music production, give thought to the young DJ Angela. She is only 12-years but have been in her career as a mature DJ.

Little DJ Angela was born on 17th March 2008. She is the first child of her wealthy father who had encouraged her on this field. Angela was inspired at the age of 10 to practice music production.

Her father was said to have purchased some DJ equipment in the favor of her daughter.

Encounter With DJ Morgan

DJ Morgan is award-winning in music production who operate at Gold Music Studio Calabar (GMS).

DJ Black Morgan
DJ Black Morgan

Angela’s father had signed a business deal with A DJ Morgan to be a teacher to his daughter Angela and to set up her studio at home with the equipment he had purchased. However, Angela’s Father wouldn’t allow this activity to obstruct her education, he only invites DJ Morgan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a selected time.

Her first public performance

One year into training, DJ Morgan took Angela to perform at an end of the year party. Her first public performance attracts thousands of fans both in the show, and across social media.

DJ Angela released her first album in early January 2020 title “I AM ANGELA.” The young girl featured Slay Queen DJ. From then on she has been working on her music production which could eventually become popular across the country.

Reaction from fans

Solomon (fan): I vote for this little slay queen DJ because I was so impressed at her beating style during her performance at end of the year party. She was beating and was wrapping at the same time. We were all impressed, and we wanted to see her doing it again.

Jordan (Father): my little angel Angela once told me, she wanted to lean to music. She opened up some song she had already written. I am also interested in my little beautiful girl to grow up as a star, this made me to purchase some DJ instruments to set up a boom studio for her at home. I employed DJ Morgan as her teacher I was surprised she can even perform like her teacher within a year.

DJ Morgan (Teacher): Angela is my best student, so far no matter how small she is, she is always good at live music.

Angela is also a song and rhyme composer. With her father’s permission. I occasionally invite her to pair with my clients who need a star to make their album perfect.

This is usually done on a deal. I was very surprised that Angela could learn very fast compared with other students who have been working with me almost three years, the little girl had to show to be the best.

Victoria (fan): DJ Morgan is my start. The day he introduced Angela to us as one of the best young DJ in town, I was amazed. She perform like her teacher, she also has beautiful Melodious tones that got people talking.

Monday (fan): I never knew a little slay queen DJ is in town. I was dancing at her performance during the live concert at the end of the year series. Tt was indeed a nicer day.

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