Many guys have ended up looking for a job after school without any positive results. You shouldn’t wait for government to create a more job before you get employed, hustle. Here are four outstanding skills for your self-employed.

Fashion design

Score percentage of both graduate and undergraduate had engaged in fashion skills to enable them to secure a self-employed if they couldn’t find a job after their program.

Many guys had used the long term strike embark by Academic Staff Union of University ASSU as a good chance to learn and improve their fashion stills which they have planned to use the skills as a means of self-employed.

The major reason why fashion is a target for majority of students was that it could generate outstanding income due to how hard you have worked or the type of service required by the customer.

You could probably set a minimum cost of 3,000 or more due to the quality of service you used to render.

web design and management

Most max communication graduate had landed working on another field because of lack of job at various media organization. You can create your own media platforms ready for advisers such as Google AdSense, propeller ads, and others.

If you are not familiar with web design, you can hire a web designer to help develop your platform. For instance, I am a website designer who had developed this platform, I may have to need to hire before I do this. When you hire a web designer, be sure to know where he/she is actually building your site, blogger or

WordPress’ option is sure to be the professional way of hosting the website because of various features.

Ask your web developer to register your hosting and website with your own email and take note of these accounts.

Some developer wouldn’t tell you they are using share hosting to register your website, they would probably do it without telling you and may put you in bondage of telling you several technical lies which is illegal.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with website design, your service could be needed where u will get paid for your work. When doing this avoids technical lies to receive your customer for money, be honest and state your service expenses.

Beauty/ Barbing Salon

Women hair salon is another way to make money, but it requires a special training.

This field is not only for women, but for men as well. To see a man planting hair at a beauty salon is attractive and patronizingly. Some women love their hair to be designed by man, so they kept on targeting a beauty salon with man as a stylist.

They are lots of income coming out of this field that is due to the area you have established your business. Click HERE to read about a successful hair stylist.

On the other hand a barbing business will also generate income as well. Men love to go out there just for that beautiful barber to cut their hair. For this reason a woman who operate a barbing salon would probably get enough customers and make good money.

When operating a barbing salon, take note to use a modem rechargeable clippers which could help reduce the cost of electricity.

Computer hardware repair

This option could be frustrating if you are a graduate looking for an urgent job. This is because the training can takes you years before you should be considered as professional. However, they are a big deal in computer hardware repair compare to ordinary electronic.

How you could get a business capital

By loan: you should be careful when taking a loan to start this kind of business. Business may fail and you could be in Dept.

By gift: if you have good people around you, they could probably help you with some capital to start your own business on your own.

Signing your business proposal support card with money: if you don’t have anything from the option above you can try this. Design a proposal card to be sign with any amount, take them to good people and explain; e.g. I am planning to buy a sewing machine to start my business which cost 200k, please any amount can help.


Don’t fold your hand while they are job scarcity. Create your own job but do it legally.

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