45-years old businesswoman simply identify as Shalom had proposed to lunch first robot restaurant in Lagos Nigeria by 2021.

While speaking with a correspondent, Shalom a luxury restaurant owner in Ikeja Lagos discloses she will upgrade her business to automated or robot restaurant, which could be the first of its kind before June 2021.

Likewise in China and India, robot play a role as Waiters in the restaurant to serve customers food. With this idea in Nigeria such would be a tourist center where important men should visit just to see the robot. I could have more than 1,000 active customers a day after this upgrade. She said.

Shalom had to recall her previous process in her restaurants business starting from her background when she was once a food vendor in the market before her upgrade to standard restaurant business.

“I came from a poor family background. She began. I couldn’t further my school because of money. I Hawk cooked rice in the market to earn my living. Furthermore, I was dreaming to own a luxury restaurant, now it has happened.

I lost my parents afterwards, things became very hard for us, I was left to take care of my three siblings out of my little business.

Three years later, I a help for my proposed business capital. I didn’t waste my money, but I invested it either. I started my restaurant business with few customers, today my business is well patronized. Furthermore, I am looking forward to running the first robot restaurant by June 2021. She said.

Shalom restaurant Ikeja Lagos
Shalom restaurant Ikeja Lagos

Speaking about how she had worked towards her business upgrading to robot restaurant. Shalom explained that she had already inquired and have arranged with some Chinese engineers to help set up the robot.

“Chinese will come to Lagos to help set up the robot in my restaurant. The inquiry had already been make, and they are coming soon”. She said.

“I have found out that with these ideas, I could be hosting customers of Noble reputation men struggling to patronize me. When you see a robot serving the food you have ordered wouldn’t you come back there every day?” She said.

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