Wireless internet is one of the device you should have at home 2021. In this article we shall discuss a simple way to set up your home internet base on 4glite for your phone, laptop and smart TV with unlimited plan for one month.

What is home Wi-Fi network

This is a system that act as wireless internet interface for home and office use. The demand for wireless network came due to new mobile device such as laptop and phones.

We can run Wi-Fi hotspot right from our phone, but this is not suitable for home/office network due to several reasons such as band width and others factors.

In the past personal home/office network are based on installation which involves satellite ditch and other set-up with moderate cost.

How to set up home 4glite Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi router and ntel network

Huawei, is a small and powerful universal mobile Wi-Fi/MIFI operating with 4glite network, making it a faster access for you.

Huawei WiFi router
Huawei WiFi router

With the aid of slot sim card, This device is powered by a selected mobile network. The device serve as Wi-Fi hotspot that share mobile access into your mobile device and smart TV for your home.

To setup the device, connect to your computer through a USB. The dialogue box to set up the Wi-Fi will appear, you can change the device name to your household and configure your new password.

To set up your unlimited data plan, I recommend you choose ntel network. Ntel unlimited is the new fastest and complete internet plan enough to run your budget without being exhausted of data during the duration of your subscription.

To make this a define, I subscribed for one month family plan cost N18,500 last for 30 days. With this active plan, we do anything on internet at home without any fear of running out of data. I connect the device with my smart TV and watch YouTube program and more.

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