N-power beneficial
Jennifer: An N-power beneficial

N-power program was sure organized to empower the youth. This mean that since it a temporary employment you are expected to be an Entrepreneur as a result.

I am one of the example of whom Sadia Umar the minister in charge of N-ppwer was referring to as an Enterprise as a result of N-Power program.

According to Sadia Umar, many N-Power beneficial are now Entrepreneur. When she made this statement she was criticized, but she never mean “the beneficial who spend the money, but she was referring to those who invested their found into a business deal that eventually turn them into a business owner.

My Business plan

After my National Youth Service Corp I applied for N-Power and fortunately for me, I was shortlisted, and everything works out.

I was always dreaming of becoming a shop owner, I thought of various types that will attract regular patronizing customers. I thought it over, supermarket should be my choice because it sells provision that is daily needed by consumers.

Turning N-Power Income into a proposed Business Capital

Initially I was in need of loan to start this business, I saw some options on Google AdSense ads, some are short duration of time while others takes longer. I got the loan of 300k which I invested into Sairumail VP 4 with monthly payout of 45k. I withdraw my capital to pay back my loan after six months but I couldn’t get the proposal capital.

For complete three years I saved to get 1,080,000 form N-power I started my supermarket in a very good environment. I got upto 500+ customers a day initially. With this number of customers I was very good in my business.

My first supermarket
My first supermarket still growing up strong located at Ikeja Lagos.

I am glad that all my properties including my investment was secured during the national protest. I lost nothing at all and my business kept growing strong.
Bread shopping
Bread shopping

Realizing the next plan, I established another shop that sell bread and beverage. I discovered this because there was higher consumption of bread for breakfast in the city. I sell your favorite bread I am also looking forward to start producing my bread on my own.


You can choose to be an entrepreneur whenever you start your N-Power program and you can choose not to be. From my experience it is clear that Sadia Umar was right to say some beneficial are already into entrepreneurship because it happens to me. You can choose my footsteps to save your money and start a good business afterwards. May this happened to my readers “you will be shortlisted”.

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