Mother Rose Invested Multimillions Palm Tree Farm For Her Unborn Children

Mother Rose was born in Tanzania to the family of 12 who works as Farmers to earn a living. The hardworking family engaged in large scale farming with larger quantities of harvest. Mother Rose was known for investing
multimillion palm trees farm for the future of her unborn children.


After her primary education she went to Goba Secondary School Dar Salaam before proceeding to
Mahinya College of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzanian they she obtained her first degree in agriculture.

Mother Rose have love for both plants and animals farming that eventually plants a good seed as an investment for her unborn children.

She successfully ran several poultry farm consisting of collections of birds which she used some outcome to purchase many lands for perennial farming.

As a fan of music, Mother Rose was very good at playing her saxophone. This was one of her hobbies.

Mother Rose was spotted performing with her saxophone Melodious tone on December 9, 1970, during Tanzania independent day. Her music album was based on saxophone Melody which was released in January 1976 attracting thousands of fans with Tanzania.

Mother Rose Investment

Mother Rose inherited only two plots of lands after her father’s death, she planted palm trees on 35 plots of lands which she had gotten from her investment so far. She took good care of the farm as an investment for her unborn children to manage and earn their living through palm oil productions. She did this because palm trees may take up to ten years and above before it got really matured.

Impact of her investment

Her three children took over her investment to which they earn a good living through multimillions palm oil business.

Palm tree farm
Palm tree farm

They built good houses for themselves and drove luxury cars. They were one of the most influential people of their time.

Her youngest son took his oil business to a higher ground after he run and own 15 auto filling station within the country to generate more income, while the rest of her children joint to run palm oil and vergitable company.


Mother Rose died in 1990 at the age of 101. She was married to her husband Solomon. Her marriage was blessed with one daughter and two sons, she divided her palm oil farm among them and urge them to use her investment wisely.

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