You loved, but she is actually in love with someone else, you may have tried to convince her materially to prove you really care about her but don’t forget that some girls have this habit. She may have been using you to cope with her financial needs.

Before you start splashing her with a gift or sponsor her education, be sure she really loves you and you have trusted she will marry you in the future. Many men broke down in tears after their investment into a relationship turned down into serious heart broken and non-refundable loos.

How it all started

I met a friend in the campus that caught my attention with the intention to marry her in the future. The truth was that she actually told me she was not available, but I didn’t give up due to my interest about her. This was my mistake I am giving up now because all my attempt has failed to work out.

I started with buying her expensive smartphone for her birthday. I started chatting with her with intention to get her attention, we were actually friend, but she never agrees to say Yes, but I kept on trying on her maybe she will say yes to me, but I was wrong.
Being disparate about her, I provided for her needs, and she kept listing her needs for me.

A wastage of my investment found and time over a relationship that wouldn’t work. I was actually showing up how premium I was, but she took her stand with the guy she truly loved.


One should take another way if she is not available, don’t convince her materially, true love is existing somewhere. One could actually be in need and could use that medium to solve a problem. This could mean the man is actually being used while trying to love a lady who is already in a serious relationship.

On the other hand, you should also think within your mind; How you will feel if someone break into your serious relationship to make a friend you intended to marry break your heart? If you are not going to feel good if this happens then don’t make it happen to someone else.

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