How Dispute Over A Lady Between Two Brothers Results Into Their Father’s Death

This story shared is aimed for you to settle with your brother if you accidentally fell in love with a single lady. This problem could cause another problem if not resolved on time.

My brother and I were the only child of our parents. We love ourselves, but I never knew we are actually going to have a dispute in the future. We grew up as an honest person, things work out very well for us.

Furthermore, we got a job as well as our apartment, and we’re looking for a serious relationship to settle down. My junior brother fell in love with a lady who afterwards dumped him because of his furious character that scared her off. I tried to settle them but the lady had told me, he wouldn’t love to live-in regret with my brother after her wedding adding that my brother was always furious and assaulting her.

Dear reader: are you involved in assaulting your lady, is she being beaten by you? Stop it now! No Lady would prefer to live in hell.

I took a lesson from what had happened to my brother never to lay my hands on a woman.

How I met my love

I met my only love after my return from Oxford University London for my master Degree. I met her in a supermarket trying to remove some items from her cart because she discovered the price was high. When I noticed this beautiful lady I gave her a hand and offer to help her pay for the whole of her carts items, and she agreed. I also gave her a lift into my car and dropped her, afterwards I gave her my card, she gave me her number inturned.

Dear reader: are you a good man, having affection for a lady? Don’t be shy to let her know maybe she is your wife, and that was why you are having such feelings. Give that lady a hand today. But if she is not available take another way.

We dated for about two years and all was well before the third party came in.

My junior brother as a third party in my relationship

My junior brother had noticed my fiancé and was doing all he could to snatch her from me and marry her up. He went to her to damage my reputation with all his tricks, and he was eventually succeeding in doing this.

He told my fiancé that I was actually living in a complicated relationship with different ladies, and that was why I have not proposed to her. Furthermore, he forged some evidence to convince her.

The effect of his mission begin with the lady stopped picking my calls, blocked me from social media and stated following my junior brother. They had visited several places together and have been dating since then.

How my father died of heart attacks because of us

There was a sharp disagreement between me and my junior brother over this lady. Our parents were not happy at all because there was constantly dispute between us. The saddest part of the story was that my father caught a heart attack during one of our unrest. We rushed him to the hospital, but he was confirmed dead the following day.

My mother was very annoyed with us for making her a widow at glance. She called us “an irresponsible son who had caused the death of their father.” She added that the lady we were fighting for would never be her daughter-in-law either. At this we came back to our mind we cried over the death of our father.

I blamed myself I could have leave the lady for my brother even though he was rubbing me. On the other hand my brother was regretting for all he did to me.

Dear reader: our refusal to settle this among us on time had led to the untimely death of our beloved father. Avoid dispute with each other at home.

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