He had been in the United States working for about 10 year now before he returned to Nigeria to pick a wife. Fortunately he fell in love with a choice to marry me his brother’s housemaid.

My sad story

I Lost my parents when I was 18-years old in a single-year due to poverty. Their death came because we were unable to afford the hospital bills. My father was hospitalized first, we were charged 500k for the hospital bills. The Doctor had refused to do is any help, I just see my father blowing away before my eyes.

It was indeed and unpleasant experience to see my mother who was left to take care of my fading away on her sick bed as she prayed her last prayers for me to have a better life and a better home. My mother finally died, and I was left home alone as the only child.

Hustling for survivor

I never got any help from closed relatives. This made me to hustle for my daily bread. I went to the roadside to beg, that was the only means, I have during those days. During one of my hustles a car knocked me down the road. In The next place, I saw myself was in a hospital bed with a couple looking after me.

The moment I opened my eyes I started weeping. They had me several questions, I explained to them, I was an orphan, I went to beg because my relatives had abandoned me. On hearing my story they were moved into tears. Two weeks later I was discharged, and they took me is home to be their maid.

Life in new home

My mistress do not actually took me as a maid but her daughter. They sent me to the same school their children were with an expensive school fee. They gave me all I needed including taking me out for clothing shipping. I was extremely happy, and I forgot all my troubles. They also sponsored me throughout my University program. I forever remind grateful for their kindness.

Falling in Love

Amidst after my NYSC we received my boss’s brother from New York USA. He was a very handsome young man, he came with different stuffs and was distributing them to us like father Christmas.

He was staring at me for a few minutes, he asked of my name, his host explained I was their adopted daughter. Furthermore, he was extremely happy to hear this.

He did all his best to talk with me, I fell in love with him, and he too. Furthermore, he told his brother, he was actually return to Nigeria to look for a partner, and the person he actually wants to marry was living in his house (he was referring to me). His brother gave him the go-ahead, he finally proposed to me even though I was a housemaid, he said he loves me uncontrollable.

I gave him my hand, and he inserted his proposal ring in the full view of the whole family. We got married the following months, and we both return to the United States where the base. By the grace of God he is a very successful man in his work.

Dear Reader: Are you falling in love with a housemaid? Don, ‘t bring shame but honor. Housemaid has no difference with other ladies.

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