keeping marriage alive entails working towards ensuring that the marriage does not become boring, does not die but remains new and lively. The term marriage is one of the things that brings a smile to a young woman’s face.

Almost every young woman looks
forward to getting married and after the wedding day the memories linger for a long time. The truth is that love grows cold with time no matter how strong it was at the beginning. That Is when a wife begins to address her husband by his children’s name or ‘daddy’ as the case may be.

It is at this time that if care is not taken, the marriage becomes boring, unexciting or out rightly dead. Butthe extent to which marriage is exciting largely depends on the efforts of the woman.

Bearing the above in mind, it would be necessary to ask, who then should keep a marriage alive? Naturally, as adults, we would answer, the two people involved. But who truly should work at keeping a marriage alive? Our answer is the woman.

This brings us to the next question, how can a woman keep her marriage alive? This is a very broad topic but we have chosen a few points to help women keep their homes and marriages alive. Apart from Prayers, the points are not necessarily in order of importance.

1. Prayers

It is assumed that everyone prays irrespective of his or her religion. It is also assumed that most families have prayer altars in their homes. This is important and can act asabonding force. Yet, apart from family prayers, women are expected to devote time to pray for their husbands and children. When this is done regularly, they would be spiritually uplifted and empowered to keep their marriages alive.

Once an issue affecting marriage has been committed to God in prayers, it becomes unnecessary to report same to a third party such as parents, friends, in-laws or even pastors or religious leaders.

2. Packaging

The beauty of a product is often times in the packaging. Keeping your marriage alive depends on you. No two marriages are the same, as such, one should be determined to make hers unique. Often times, after the vows are taken, women get too comfortable and relaxed with their husbands. A wise woman should not take her marriage for granted no matter how good she thinks it is or how much her husband loves her.

Anything can happen, nothing is impossible. Women should cultivate the attitude of packkaging themselves properly so as not to lose their poise before their husbands and in so doing, kill the marriage. Women should attempt to be in tune with fashion trends, look attractive and be knowledgeable about current issues because a man is attracted by how a woman presents herself.

Anything on the contrary may
not invoke romantic feelings from the husbands. Unfortunately a lot of women seem to be in a hurry to grow old and retired judging from their appearances. A woman should try as much as possible to avoid a situation where the husband leaves for work with an impression of an unkempt wife – with rumpled night
dress, rumpled wrapper round the chest, a reggae hair net on the head and without a pair of slippers. It would be disastrous if the same man on daily basis comes in contact with well groomed, young and a pretty ladies outside his home.

Again, this same woman, whose husband has been in a corporate environment all day, on his return, will slowly drown her marriage, by still looking unkempt to welcome her husband back home from work. His reactions are better imagined than said. This is a big put
off and will certainly not keep a marriage alive.

Also, a woman, who is endowed with big breasts should always put on well- fitting braziers outside her bedroomn. Unfettered large breasts lack appeal, especially if the woman equally has a big tummy. This simply makes the woman look older. The beauty of large breasts is most appreciated when they are properly packaged.

Still on packaging, some women wear loose, torn/ worn out or ill-fitting undergarments in the presence of their husbands. This should not be so. A woman should wear clean, well fitting undergarments at all times. Also, as a rule, they should keep their hair properly washed and nicely done irrespective of age.

One can equally determine to dress in order to give her husband a wake-up call. A woman’s dressing can provoke her husband to shower her with gifts. So, to keep your marriage alive, it is necessary to carry oneself with dignity and wear nice pertumes, deodorants, nighties and a beautiful hair do.

Again, a dirty bed sheet is another factor that is capable of putting a man off and making him less romantic. Fresh smelling bed spreads keep a bedroom fresh and also give a warm welcome to the couple. It is also necessary to ensure a clean home at all times. A dirty home cannot make a happy marriage.

3. Submission/Respect

A wise woman knows that her husband is the head of their home. But in her wisdom, she cannot only become the neck that carries the head but the brain inside the head. Thus, a woman who fully understands her husband appears to have charmed him.

If you can respect another woman’s husband, who is your Boss at work, your Landlord or Co-worker, then why not your husband? Though it is not as easy as it sounds, there is grace from God on request. Note that submission brings love and love can produce so many things. What shouting bouts, malice, reportingg to in-laws or outright blows cannot do, submission can achieve. It is a submissive wife that her husband cleaves to. Lastly on submission, note that the old school culture still works!

4. Our Tongues

The bible says that the tongue is a fire and fire does only one thing, it destroys. The most eloquent lawyer cannot talk as well as a quarreling woman. But a woman who wants to keep her marriage alive, will bridle her tongue every day. Let’s cultivate the habit of keeping our temperance under control. Anger rests in a fool’s bosom.

5. Keepingin Touch

To help keep our marriages alive, it is important that we keep in touch every day. Call him up just to say hello and to be sure that he is alright. You need to have a loving voice and tone at such times. Send
arousing text messages to him, but before you do this be sure that his Personal Assistant (P.A.) or Secretary doess not have access to that particular number. Be
provocatively naughty on the phone. Send him text messages that will have him counting the seconds and
looking forward to seeing you.

6. Be Available

Please be available for vour husband. Create time for him. Discuss issues with him. If your schedule permits, behome when he is. Cut down on social activities such as clubs, parties and even church programmes. Have a day or time with him alone or as a family. Be determined
to cleave together.

7. Forgiveness and Malice

I can not imagine a marriage that will remain alive, without forgiveness and a covering of a multitude of sins. Please, let us be willing to forgive and move on.
This does not mean that you cannot disagree with your husband. On the contrary, it is healthy to disagree and show some anger. But it should be seasoned with dignity. In disagreeing, we should not make a habit of keeping malice.

8. Cooking a Healthy and deliriousFood

Do you want a living marriage? Then cook good, healthy and rich meals for him. Cook his favorite meals. As a parting gift to all of us, I want to advice that to keep your marriage alive, please be wise love your in-laws, especially your mother in-law.

After Observing all our points above, should someone stop your husband on the way and asked “what kind of a wife do you have? Would he say, sweet or sour, grape juice or orange juice, blessing or a reproach?

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