You may have been in a long term relationship with your man but wonder why he has not proposed to you for marriage, here are 10 possiblly reason he has not proposed to you yet

He Doesn’t Love You

There are so many different reasons a man may decide to enter into a relationship with you. Love is a beautiful feeling to experience even though confuse love with lust. So many women assume that any man who is in relationship with them must be in love with them. Some other thinks that any man who buy expensive gift for them loves them. Many other thinks that a man who wants their body love them.

However, a man is not much of a relational and emotional being as much as the woman is. He can spend on you and still not love you. A man can profess love to for you even though he feels nothing for you for the following reasons:

1. He wants to have your body.
2.He wants your money.
3. Hewants to use you as a ladder to reaching his dream.
4. He needs someone to do his house chores.

we are not saying that you cannot find a man who truly Loves you; we are saying that you must be able to discern Detween the man who truly loves you and the one who is Just using you for his selfish gain.

Proof That He Loves You

i. He tells you he loves you and he tells his friends and family about you. Any man who is not proud of letting other people know about his love for you has something under his skin. Either he already introduced someone else to them or he does not plan to have a lasting relationship with you.

ii. He appreciates and praises you for the little things you do for him. He does not see your help as a right, but a privilege.

iii. He does respect all women. A man who feels bitter or indifferent about women will in no wise treat you better. Some men believe that the woman is of no good, maybe because their father treated their mum that way,or because they read stufifs that was aimed at demeaning the woman.

Some men even believe that the place of the woman is in the kitchen and bedroom. They believe that a woman is good for nothing more than that.

iv. He will not hide how he feels if he cares about you. He calls and text often to check up on you. When you are in a relationship with a man and you are the one always making efforts to call or text him, then his love for you is questionable.

v.He should be able to defend you and your relationship, regardless of who tries to come between you.

vi. He makes sacrifices for you. He cares for you more than he cares for himself and others. If you both had a need, he will ensure that yourneed is met before his.

vii. He is more interested in spending quality time talking with you, rather than trying to get into your pants.

VIll. He respects your opinion and so will allow you to speak your mind even though he disagrees with you. You disagree to agree.

ix. He sees you as his best friend and is always eager to to and spend great amount of time with you.

x. He will listen to your needs and help you meet them if it is in his power.

Xi. He tells you the truth in love, no matter how angry he thinks you might feel.

xii. He trust and forgives you.

xiii. He smiles at you and commits to taking the relationship further.

If he does not love you, he will not marry you except he has a skeleton in the cupboard. How does he make you feel? Do you think your man truly loves you?

He Doesn’t Trust You

The reason a man does not want to marry you does not always have to do with him. Sometimes, you are the very obstacle to your own happiness. Your man may feel skeptical about committing to you in marriage if you both do not settle the question of trust. Before you enter into a relationship, talk to him about your past especially when it involves something like wedlock. Let him know that you were once in of a being married before, or having a child outside of relationship.

Moreover, avoid running your ex partner no matter how bad he was. This lack of trust may result from your past life or something he found out about you after you both
began to date. His lack of trust might even stem from the unfaithfulness of his previous partner.

Even though he should not base his trust for you on his previous previous experience, you will have to make him know that he can trust you. Be open to him and be faithful. Let him know he can count on you emotionally and otherwise.

When a man has many unanswered questions and gray areas in his mind concerning a lady, the relationship will be stagnated and he may not propose marriage u ntil he can trust you wholly.

Dear single ladies, always act in non-suspicous ways. They are time when you meet a man who thought has no reason to dupt you, does not trust you. His mistrust may term feom the fact that he is cheating on you with someone else; and so feel you are not also faithful to him. He mirror you through the eyes of his fault. At other time you may meet someone else who is extremely jealous and insecured. This jealousy and insecurity may make him read false meaning to all your actions.

If you do all you can and he still does not trust you. Then it is not your fault. Speak to a spiritual mentor or a godly and trusted counselor. If need be, consider breaking up the relationship and move on with your life until you meet someone else who is willing to trust you. Trust is all indispensable tool in building a strong and lastingg marriage.

You No Longer Takes care of Your Physical Appearance

Your physical appearance is the first thing people will see even before they have the opportunity to relate with you. How you package yourself is very important if you
must attract or keep the right kind of man. He may be dragging his feet because you stopped giving attention to your physical appearance the way you did before you met him.

Men generally like to date or marry a woman they can show off to their friends and family members. No matter how intelligent you are, dressing shabbily might over shadow that.

You will be making a mistake by neglecting your physical appearance just because you are no longer
no “searching”. Ensure you wear decent clothes, let your hair be well kept, and endeavour to always look and Smellgood. Your appearance determines whether peope engage you in a conversation or listen to you.

Fear Of Missing Out

Amongst commitment other factors, of marriage so many because men they avoid fear the missing out of the pleasures of singleness. They are afraid that they would not be able to spend more time with their friends or stay out late into the night. Some men fear that they will miss out of the chance to talk to the many beautiful girls around them. However, one of the proofs of his maturity and love for you is that he will damn this fear of commitment.

If you pay close attention, you will discover that he still talks about other women. You might even hear him make silly jokes with his friends about not being ready to commit. this kind of man wants to be involved with multiple Women and still hold onto a relationship with you.

Any man who is ready to marry you will damn this ‘fear of missing out. He might not have proposed to you because he still wants to be a playboy.

Dear lady, its not your fault that he is not mature enough to commit to you in marriage. Get him to talk about his fears with you. His response will tell you whether he is ready to trust yoou with his life or play around with other women.

Dear lady, you must think about your happiness first Take a walk if you conclude that this man is wasting of your valuable time and hindering other potential suitors from asking you to marry them. He has not proposed to you maybe because of the fear of missing out. However, it is not your fault. It is only proof of his immaturity and

He Felt That You Are undecided About Him

The man you are in a relationship with may think he is wasting time proposing marriage to you because, he still finds you hanging out with different men. Hanging out with other men might give him the feeling that you have not made up your mind about marrying him. He feels that you are still undecided and searching.

When you enter into a relationship, it is wisdom to reduce the amount of time; you spend with other guys. You might just be sending the wrong signal, thereby causing your man to drag his feet. Define your relationship with other guys and let your man know about each of them. Do not make him confused about whom you really want to spend the rest of your life with.

Also, let other men you have anything to do with know about your courtship relationship. When your man knows that you have gone ahead to inform other men around you about him, he feels more secure, tnust you more, and so will be encouraged to go ahead with the

He Couldn’t Afford The Kind Of Wedding You Want

Many young men give up the thought of getting married these days because of the financial implications. Beyond seeking a companion to share their lives with,

The problem is that, they get defeated by the mere thought of how much money is been spent on even small weddings these days. Dear lady, it is possible that your man wants to marry you but he is scared of the cost implications due to his present financial level. My advice is you should sit down with your man and discuss it. If you have a man who wants to marry you and he is genuinely hardworking and loving, you should support and encourage him.

You may need to help sponsor some part of the wedding, of course with both your agreement (but let him pay the bride price and marriage rites himself with his family-do not get involved) You might need to give up your dream of a of aworld class” wedding. Rather, look ahead towards “world class” marriage. What use is it if your wedding the talk of the town and your marriagea sham?

If you keep insisting on having the kind of wedding vour friends had, he might walk away. If he has a house, even if it is a one-room apartment (but he has a vision and is working towards it); he has a job that can fend for you both and the children coming, or at least a source of consistent income. Forget about what your friends will say. Look on the brighter side. Think of the bigger picture. If your man is a man of vision, in no time you will have the life of your dream.

Your Value And Believe Differ

Values are qualities that you consider right or wrong. To be a person of value simply means to have an acceptable way of living or doing things. Our value system is most often a by-product of our upbringing and religious beliefs.

For example, my five-year-old sister suddenly began to lie and immediately I rebuked her. I told her to stop lying at home, church, school, or anywhere and to anyone for that matter. I had to flog her at times. She is five years now but she clearly understands that it is
wrong to lie. I also taught her the spiritual and social implications of lying.

However, she would have grown up to believe that it is okay to lie ifl ignored the habit all because I think she is too young. She is being raised to know that, she must always tell the truth in every situation, even if it means
that she will be punished.

Some of the positive values you should develop in order for your relationship to thrive are the fear of God responsibility, accountability, honesty, faithfulness, integrity, loyalty, humility, sacrifice, love, discipline, self-control, service, hard work, joy, compassion, and

In order to avoid or minimize crisis in relationship or marriage, it is very important that you marry someone with similar values as yours. It is also imperative that
you develop the right set of values in order to attract the spouse with the right values. If you have the right values and he does not, do not compromise your values. Our man therefore might be dragging his feet because your values differ from his.

You Are Financially Demanding And Materialistic

Materialism means that you place extreme value on money and possessions. Some ladies put so much financial pressure on the man with whom they are in a relationship. They want to purchase the latest shoe, cloth, or bag. Some even want a car at all cost and a fat bank account.

Your man may not have proposed marriage to you because he sees you as too expensive. Perhaps he is wondering, whether he can cope with your extravagant lifestyle without running into financial bankruptcy. Dear lady, learn to be content, patient, and understanding.

Dear lady, your man may not have the courage or joy to propose to you if you put him under financial pressure. You would give up this materialistic and financially You reckless lifestyle if you really want to get married to the rght spouse. Remember, not all that glitters is gold. Be Wise.

Pressure From His Family Not To Marry You

The man you are in a relationship with might be under pressure from his family or parents not to marry you. This is likely to happen if the man is from a wealthy family, and you are from a humble ackground; his mother and family do not like you; demonic challenges may also be a factor.

His parents or family may pressurize him not to marry you because people from your family are known to be morally bankrupt or notorious. You may also have a past that the family does not want to be associated with. ‘They may try to dissuade him from marrying you if you do not work in a reputable organization or because you are not well educated. Your character may also play a role in this pressure.

This pressure not to marry you is also likely to happen if he has controlling parents who want to be the one to choose a spouse for him. In some cases, his parents want him to marry a daughter of one of their highly placed friends.

His parents may also dissuade him from marrying you for the absurd reason that you are not Deautiful enough. His family may also discourage him rom marrying you for religious reasons such as different religion.

You Sound Too Desperate

A man can smell a woman’s desperation to marry him, as a cat can smell a rat. Do not treat him as though he were the “all powerful one” in the relationship while you play “Miss helpless”. Real men love forward thinking women. They run away from women who cling to them like ahelpless being.

Every man needs some space and needs to know that you do not expect him to be your saviour. You can sometimes help yourselt. Real men run away from over-dependent and over-independent women-find the balance.

Therefore, you must create the balance called”interdependence”, where you can sometimes depend
on him, take things slow and allow him to take the lead. Do not be too eager to get married to him, than he Is towards you. Such marriages after a while, encounter diffhculties. ‘Your man’ will always feel that after all the marriage was your idea, whenever things go wrong.

Even if you are desperate, do not show it. Men do not like women to be the one to pursue them. They take pleasure in being the pursuer. When the man does the pursuing, he will do anything to make the relationship work because, he would not want the stress of chasing after you to be in vain.

Discipline yourself enough to control any sense of desperation and save it for marriage.

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